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Deceased Estate Litigation

Matters we pursue include:

  • Estate administration disputes

  • Contesting the Will

  • Family provision claims (lawsuits by dependants of the testator Succession Act 1981 (Qld) Part 4)

  • Cross-border disputes where the deceased held assets interstate or internationally

  • Probate applications and disputes

  • Trusts and family arrangements disputes

  • Disputes regarding management of trusts and estates based on claims against executors or trustees

  • Professional negligence claims where you believe you have a claim against the solicitor who drafted the Will or other agreement.


Gold Coast Deceased Estate Dispute Resolution and Contesting the Will

With our expert and independent legal advice, you can rest assured we’ll protect your rights and you receive what’s rightfully yours from the estate. We also ensure that executors or trustees are fair and honest to beneficiaries and adhere to the terms of the Will and the wishes of the deceased.

We understand that often these disputes involve more than money or assets.

Our goal is to get to the heart of the matter and resolve a Wills and estate dispute through mediation.

Going to court is our last resort. However, you can be confident that, should we need to do so, we have the know-how and proven experience to take the dispute through the courts to pursue your legal rights with vigour.

Why choose Simon Taylor for advice on deceased estates?

  • Over 22 years’ experience in dealing with Wills, estates, probate and trusts.

  • Expertise in cross-border deceased estate disputes. Although you might be in dispute in Victoria or New Zealand, we help you navigate the complexities of cross-border legal disputes from our Gold Coast office.

  • Familiarity with issues regarding blended families, second and third marriages, and changes to the Marriage Act. Changes in the definition of ‘family’ mean that disputes over family and inherited wealth are increasingly complex.

  • Access to estate planning and trust specialists

  • Practical experience in matters relating to the Guardianship and Administration Act 2000 and its counterparts in other states and territories

  • Expertise in Powers of Attorney matters


Can we help with Will Contests and Estate Dispute Advice on the Gold Coast?

Whether you're contesting a Will, have a criticism about estate management or need to be certain of the correct procedure for identifying and legally applying the provisions of the Will for a beneficiary, we can help.

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