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Matters we pursue include:

  • Security of payment disputes

  • Contract disputes

  • Reviews and appeals

  • Liability disputes


Due to their complex nature, construction projects are often the subject of legal disputes. A legal dispute can hold up construction and cost you time and money that you can ill afford to lose. For that reason, you should always be prepared to take determined legal action and engage an experienced construction litigation lawyer.

Faster resolution of your dispute

We save you the stress of lengthy negotiations and a court appearance and aim to minimise your downtime. Our extensive expertise in contracts plus access to a wealth of experts in subjects such as engineering, workplace health and safety legislation and environmental controls means you need only one lawyer for building and construction disputes.

Whether you’re the property owner, the developer, a tradesperson or a contractor, we give you confidence and certainty with comprehensive and expert legal advice.

Alternative dispute resolution

You should be aware of your options, which include mediation, expert determination, arbitration and more. We do our best to resolve disputes using available methods. However, should we need to go to court, we’re prepared to win you the damages due to you.

Why choose Simon Taylor for building and construction litigation?

Should we be unable to resolve your issue through mediation, we have over 22 years of negotiation, representation and litigation experience – and an impressive portfolio of successful cases and satisfied clients.

We have appeared for our clients in the Queensland Supreme Court as well as at the Queensland Civil & Administrative Tribunal (QCAT). We can also help you with your New South Wales or Victorian Court proceedings.

1. Building contract disputes advice

The difference between a smooth building and construction project and one that goes off the rails is often the quality of your contract. Poorly worded contracts lead to disputes that can end up in litigation in the courts or tribunal.

Should things go wrong, we do our best to resolve the matter through mediation and clear communication. Our goal is not only to resolve your issue, but also, to avoid litigation and maintain good business relationships with concerned parties.

Common contract-related disputes include:

  • Negligence in contractual obligations

  • Misunderstanding of contractual obligations

  • Contract administration failure

2. Building and construction reviews and appeals

If your goal is to stay out of court, or you’ve been to court and lost, talk to us about:

  • Review of employee and sub-contractor contracts

  • Preparation and filing of persuasive appeals for QCAT and other courts

  • Appellate court advice

and more.

3. Liability disputes

Let Simon Taylor guide you on liability disputes regarding:

  • Debt

  • Defects and omissions

  • Professional negligence.

and more.


Our qualified team of associates will build a strong case against parties who are causing you distress. With our guidance and advice, we ensure you get what is due to you.

4. Security of Payment legislation (and why you need an expert)


Since late 2017, security of payments has been covered by the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017 (Qld).

Unless you have the time to keep up with this evolving legislation, you might be caught out because you didn’t comply with a requirement of which you were unaware.

At Simon Taylor | Solicitor, we:

  • Advise you on how to navigate the Security of Payment legislation

  • Help you to use legislation to your advantage

  • Develop payment claims and schedules

  • Manage adjudication matters including challenging and enforcing determinations

  • Help resolve Security of Payment issues through mediation and litigation

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