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Property Litigation

Matters we pursue include:

  • Commercial Lease Claims

  • Commercial Property Purchase Disputes

  • Body Corporate Disputes

  • Strata and Community Title Disputes

  • Intellectual Property Disputes

  • Planning and Environment Court Applications

  • Gold Coast City Council Local Government Planning and Environmental Disputes

  • Securities Mortgages Loans Disputes

  • Freezing Orders and Injunctions (also known as Mareva Orders, designed to ‘freeze’ a defendant’s assets so the plaintiff isn’t deprived of a resolution due to the defendant disposing of assets before a ruling).

  • Residential Home Contract Disputes

  • Property Ownership (Joint Tenants, Tenants in common)

  • Easements and Right-of-way Disputes


Property disputes can become expensive and time-consuming very quickly. Without the right advice and dispute resolution, your dispute could drag on for months, even years. The best-case scenario is to have your dispute resolved quickly and cost-effectively.

When you bring your property dispute to Simon Taylor | Solicitor, we use the most effective methods to resolve your issue quickly and with the least stress for you.

Expert Litigation Lawyer for Gold Coast Property Disputes

On Australia’s Gold Coast, we’ve seen consistent growth in high-rise residential developments and multi-million-dollar homes due to the attraction of the assets and the lifestyle. Alongside residential come commercial properties, aged care facilities, shopping centres and other property types and services needed to support a growing population.

With such an active property market, disputes are inevitable. Your property conveyancing solicitor, while adequate for preparing contracts and doing due diligence, is usually not a litigation expert. And when things go wrong, you need an experienced litigator. We get to the heart of the matter quickly so we can resolve it for you.

Why choose Simon Taylor | Solicitor?

With us, you get the benefit of major law firm experience and results but without the hefty price tag.

We’ve fought Gold Coast property disputes in the courts for over 20 years. Whatever the dispute, we can fight for your legal rights to get you justice and damages or get the buyer to complete on the contract.

Should your matter be urgent, we ensure your matter is filed in the Supreme Court of Queensland quickly so you don’t suffer and your rights are protected.

  • Personal experienced service

  • Cost conscious

  • Great track record on outcomes

  • Experienced team with extensive knowledge

  • Independently ranked as leaders in the field of housing law within legal directories

  • Detailed knowledge of local government regulations

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