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Commercial Litigation 

Matters we pursue include:

  • Company insolvency, shareholder and director disputes

  • Contract disputes

  • Commercial contracts

  • Business partnership disputes

  • Franchise disputes

  • Small business dispute resolution

  • Employment disputes (such as unfair dismissal)

  • Intellectual property disputes:
    Intellectual property (IP) names, trade marks and copyright are valuable business assets. As professional commercial litigation solicitors, we protect your interests.

  • Insolvency and winding-up applications: Our experienced team of commercial litigation professionals will explain what a winding-up application is, what the process involves, what you can do to protect your company, and how to avoid a future winding-up application.

  • Defamation and social media

  • Trust-related disputes

  • Money claims and debt recovery

We’re here with strategic and legal advice to minimise the impact on your business. Running a business is never easy and legal terminology in contracts can be confusing. It’s best to seek advice from an expert commercial contract lawyer earlier rather than later.

If you’re a business owner, it’s likely you’ve been involved in some type of legal dispute. When you are in dispute or you’re struggling with the details of a complex contract, you want the best help you can get with the least stress and downtime.

Customised litigation support, advice and solutions

Court preparation and appearances can take their toll on all parties involved. That’s why we take the time to understand your situation and work on a tailored strategy to resolve your legal issues so you achieve the best result. As much as possible, we use alternative dispute resolution and try to settle cases out of court.

Importantly, our commercial dispute resolution and litigation advice helps to ensure minimal disruption to your business activities.

Location-independent commercial litigation solicitors

As one of the leading Gold Coast-based law firms, we have represented clients in high-profile, hard-fought and complex business litigation cases.

Wherever the litigation is commenced – QCAT, the local Southport Magistrates court, Brisbane Supreme court, Federal court or in the New South Wales or Victorian courts – we have the technology and network of professionals to manage the litigation from the Gold Coast via video link or other technology.

Can we help you with Commercial Litigation on the Gold Coast?

At Simon Taylor | Solicitor, you can expect a high level of expertise in matters ranging from business partnerships and contracts to corporate insolvency and winding-up applications.


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