Whether you’re an individual or acting for a large organisation, when you’re in dispute, it can be costly and time consuming. Not only is the process stressful, but also, it can take time away from your business – or your personal life.

At Simon Taylor | Solicitor, we streamline the dispute resolution and litigation process so your issue is resolved quickly and cost-effectively, meaning less worry for you.

Our goal is to ensure you don’t need to go to court. However, if we must, rest assured that we prepare our case to win and ensure you receive any compensation due to you.


Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation refers to the resolution of all manner of business transactions and relationships through court action. We believe litigation should be a last resort but is often unavoidable.

  • Company disputes

  • Contract dispute claims

  • Defamation, media and reputation

  • Employment dispute claims

  • Franchise disputes

  • Money dispute claims

  • Trust dispute claims

  • Partnership disputes

Building &  Construction Litigation

  • Commercial construction disputes and litigation

  • Residential building disputes

  • Queensland Building & Construction Commission

Property  & Lease Litigation

  • Residential home contract disputes

  • Commercial property disputes

  • Body corporate and community title disputes

  • Intellectual Property disputes

  • Lease disputes

  • Securities claims



Need help with litigation on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane?

An experienced litigator, Simon Taylor has worked successfully with businesses and individuals for over 20 years with a team of on-call experts.

We appear regularly in the Queensland Supreme, District, Magistrates and Federal Courts on applications, hearings and trials.

We can also help you with your New South Wales or Victorian Court proceedings.

If you need an expert in commercial, business or personal civil litigation, we’re here to help.

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