• Simon Taylor

Social media speech...GAGGED

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a part of everyone's daily life. You thought work was separate from your private life...think again. Recently the High Court of Australia has decided that if you go too far with your Twitter posts you may well find yourself without a job. It's a wake up call for us all...if you wouldn't say it to the boss in person, probably think twice about whether you should post it online for the public to read. If you slag-off the boss and your comments are a breach of the employment code of conduct or defamatory, you may lose your job, or even worse, get sued in a court for damages.

If you find yourself in a serious social media dispute, don't risk it escalating to court, get a lawyer in to fix the problem.

The case details can be found here: http://eresources.hcourt.gov.au/showCase/2019/HCA/23


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