• Simon Taylor

Gold Coast Mobile Litigation Lawyers

You are busy working at your job or running your corporate empire. Who has time to get in the car and get through the horrendous traffic to get to Lawyers on the Gold Coast or Brisbane.

If this sounds like you, get your current Lawyer to change the way they look at how they operate - they need to come to you. If that conversation doesn't go down so well...change Lawyers.

Lawyers usually group together in their Towers of glass, leather and marble, waiting for the customers to come in and pay high prices for services at the Lawyers convenience. These days, you still need to have a face to face meeting with your Lawyer from time to time as they remain trusted advisers who help you through difficult times, or get you into exciting new business ventures and make sure the deal's done properly.

All that being said, once you've had your first meeting and developed the right relationship of trust and understanding, afterwards, everything can be done by telephone, email and video chat if you really want to see each others faces.

So if your life is too busy and you don't feel like you have time to protect your legal interests by visiting your Lawyer, get them to come to you.

We will meet you anywhere from the Brisbane CBD all the way South to Coolangatta on the Gold Coast or the Gold Coast Hinterland. Take your time back and make your Lawyer do some work to make your life easier.


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