• Simon Taylor

FIRE...are you Ready to Leave

Most of the time living on the Gold Coast its easy to forget about severe weather or fire events threatening our way of life. We have to remember that drought, floods and fire are historically normal for Australia. Even if you don't live in the Hinterland, you should have an evacuation plan for fire and flood. Make sure your Will, Company & Business documents, Photographs and Family Treasures are safe from fire and flood and that your Will Executors know where you keep your important documents. A fireproof safe from the hardware store will cost less than $100 or the bank can store it for you.

Also, while you're organising things, take some time to ask your insurer if your covered for all types of fires and check the fine print on your flood cover. If you're near the beach, sometimes king tide or storm surges are not covered. If your in Brisbane or Gold Coast, many insurers wont cover you if you are in an area that flooded in 1893, 1974, 2010–11 or January 2013.

For current Queensland fire information check here --> https://www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au/map/Pages/default.aspx

Stay safe and everyone pray for rain.


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