• Simon Taylor

Bullying Wake Up Call for Lawyers

In my over 20 years in the legal profession I have come across a broad range of personalities. Some barristers and solicitors I've met made think I had made the right decision to be a lawyer and be part of a mostly sensible group of people that try each day to do a good job to help people get along, do deals and resolve conflict.

The recent ABC report outlining the International Bar Association's findings about bullying in the legal profession (link below) reminds us that much more work needs to be done to knock the arrogance, condescension and superiority out of some lawyers to remind them their job is to help people.

Many years ago, as a junior lawyer, I experienced a law practice owner, who thankfully has been struck off, who constantly yelled abuse at staff. I thought surely someone would snap and fight back but, as he was the owner, he kept getting away with it.

As lawyers we should represent the law and act always as, "The Reasonable Person". If we want bullying to stop in our schools and as between our children - lawyers should set the example to the community, treat colleagues, employees and their clients with the individual respect we each deserve.



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